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This shop is actually in Aobadai even though I list it under Nakameguro. Not such a high rating on Tabelog, I think that's a bit low but not really far off the mark IMO. It's actually north of Nakameguro station, about 2-3 mins walk going north on the right side. It has a large white sign, a wrap around counter, seemingly there is plenty of room in the place for a few tables but there were none. For ramen they have both thick and thin noodles, the thick noodles are made in store and are served wet as tsukemen. They also have (right now) specials on chashu don or other types of rice dishes, only 100 yen each. For some reason(!) I was not offered these specials even though the people next to me were, and even though they were plainly displayed on the card (picture above). The noodles were fresh, served wet and linguine sized - the broth was like a tonkotsu gyoukai, and had the texture from the pork particles, but I couldn't really detect any fish plavor, perhaps they used chicken broth instead. It was much thinner but still flavorful, and they had both spinach and negis in it along with the extra pork that I bought. Both fresh and fried garlic, shoga, etc. A very loud place, many construction worker types in there. If you want a quiet lunch this is not the place to go. If you are hungry the 200g portion is probably a bit small.

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