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Toumenbou is around the corner (almost) from Daiki. It has a small U-shaped counter, no tables, only 9-10 people max, and there was only one other person in there when I came in. Being right around the corner from Daiki, maybe that explains why - probably their only customers on any given day will be locals, anyone else who comes to the area will opt for Daiki instead, justified or not and may have come here for that reason anyway. Toumenbo sports a weaker shoyu broth than most places. An interesting unique point was that there was lots of free kimchi on the table (they sell it to take home also), that was nice, and it was of good quality. The noodles were nothing special, supermarket type, pork was decent, broth had a lot of floating onions in it and was slightly sweet for shoyu. I did receive a coupon for free gyoza on my next visit. For a limited time they have a special chicken wonton men (picture above), but that is probably gone now.

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