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Like Menya Kissou, Daiki is also another one of these ramen shops that has a very high rating on many sites and has been on the cover of various ramen and cuisine magazines, but IMO is not as spectacular as people make it out to be. The line was about 20-25 people long on a slightly drizzly rainy Saturday afternoon in Yushima. The ticket machine is well-labeled and easy to understand. For the summer they had a hiyashi tsukesoba (15 per day) but today I had the regular tsukemen. I sat down after 30 minutes of standing there and trying to read the newspaper of the person in front of me. The broth was shoyu with some slight sweetness and a lot of onions. The noodles were of good quality and greased up with a little oil, like Harukiya. The extra chashu is hard to make out in the picture and was fatty but decent. Overall it was good but I think overrated. The dish that is more famous is the shio ramen so if you are in the neighborhood and you want to give the place a whirl any way go for that.

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