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Menya Daito/Kanda
麺屋 大斗/神田


Menya Daito ("daito" = "big fight" I think) is a small shop along side the tracks, (walk south along the side of the elevated Yamanote line tracks from the east exit of JR Kanda Station) with only 7 seats on the ground floor. But they do have a second floor and more importantly, they do not have any afternoon break. Once you walk in, watch the step down after the ticket machine. The broth was good but thin. They have this deep red home-made kotteri ra-yu, tasted a lot like "to ban jan" - and pureed garlic on the counter. The toku sei mori soba chu-mori (特製 もりそば 中盛り) - about 400g - comes with an aji tsuke tamago. The dai (大) for the tsukemen/morisoba tickets is 600 g, so be careful here. The noodles were like slippery spaghetti, very strong level of kansui, like Taishoken, again the broth was Taishoken too - not quite as sweet, I added the garlic and rayu to it to jazz it up. They have the familiar Taishoken kanji on the red lantern in front. There were three slices of thinner no-fat chashu, the kind that looks sort of like roast beef.

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