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The original hon ten of this Haruki-ya chain of three stores is nearby in Ogikubo. The Kichijoji shop is a a cramped store with table in back and never a line of less than 5 people while I was in there - it seemed to be mostly couples and family though. They have a fairly limited menu with different variations on the classic Tokyo style shoyu broth. It's a very strong flavor broth, very salty and you can see 1/4 inch of oil on top in the picture. Interestingly enough they have noodles to take out - and fresh pork too - this is a first I have seen a place with take out noodles also having take out portk. The weirder thing is that they have no extra pork topping on the topping menu. For a limited time they have some hiyashi chukas. The noodles were quite good, fairly thin though, with sesame seeds and nori. The noodles themselves actually had some flavor, I'm thinking that some sort of oil like sesame or similar might have been put on them prior to serving.

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