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Ramen Dai/Kamata


The Kamata branch is one of the several shops in the Ramen Dai chain. Kamata is the last stop on the Tokyu Ikegami line going south, starting at JR Gotanda station. Ramen Dai is similar to Ramen Jiro, I don't know if I would call it a competitor or not (they even sport similar yellow signs, menus and ticket machines) but the taste is very similar. This shop moved from a previous location around the corner and on the other side of the tracks. You can see the sign on the back wall of the new shop from the train underpass. This shop's taste is very similar to the Ogikubo Ramen Dai. However the pork was a bit of a disappointment, the 2 枚 ticket was sold out at 4 PM - and the two pieces that came with the default ramen order were mostly fat. Really the skillfully-cooked noodles and garlicky oniony broth are the winners here. the noodles are quite al-dente by default, I wouldn't ask for them to be any less done. Combined with the moyashis (almost no cabbage), there is a very nice mouthfeel. The other concern was that the portion of noodles for the tsukemen is small, compared to the ramen, however of course it is a stronger broth. I recommend the omori and at least one extra pork buta ticket. The bowls in the pictures look bigger than they really are. They also have 20 abura soba dishes per day, which I have not tried. It's a very spacious store, it looks new, fridges + such behind a black curtain. Be sure to toss your tissues in the garbage pail behind you.

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