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After a trip to see the new Ueno Yodobashi Camera a couple of weeks ago I stopped by Ueno Motomaru, a tonkotsu ramen place near Shin-Okachimachi station and the Ameyoko market area. The area immediately surrounding the Ameyoko Market area does not have a lot of good ramen shops according to my checks so I didn't get my hopes up. In a departure from my usual practice I didn't actually have the ramen in this shop - I had a small plate of small wontons and a small buta don meshi. There is a long counter and several tables for 4 in the place, and it was moderately crowded at about 2 PM on a Saturday. Most people were getting the tonkotsu ramen, which has a moderately favorable rating on Supleks. They also had a huge collection of condiments on the counter including onions, various oils, garlic, etc. The tonkotsu ramen certainly looked good so I will have to come back here in the future.

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