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豚骨世界 大大/自由が丘


DaiDai's full name is "Tonkotsu Sekkai Dai Dai", meaning "the big-big/best-best pork bone world". Jiyugaoka is a very nice place to visit on a weekend, there are many nice shops and restaurants and it is fairly upscale. Not really known for its ramen though but this shop is a standout. After about a 15-20 minute wait outside I had the 1000 yen niku mori 肉盛り (lots of meat) tsukemen and to my surprise the grilled pork was actually done yakuniku-style: 7 or 8 thin strips of marbled fatty pork that must have been marinated in a light sauce and a touch of pepper prior to grilling. Extremely tender and tasty. The broth was very similar to Tetsu's, pork and fish blend, same thickness but with a lighter taste. This store is affiliated with the Setagaya chain, which includes Hirugao, Fukumori and a store in New York City I believe. The counter was quite spacious, they could have easily fit another person or two in between the 7 or us, and like Fukumori there is also a separate shoes-off zashiki (sitting on the floor) area for several people, presumably for families and kids. A good way to end a day of shopping in Jiyugaoka or recharge for a second round.

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