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Fukumori is in Setagaya-ku, Nozawa about 10 mins from Komazawa DaiGaku station on the Tokyu Denentoshi line. The shop is big and clean, with four tables of various sizes, a small counter, a large screen TV in the corner and a variety of ramen magazines to read. There is a Japanese style room in the back with floor tables for families etc., you will of course have to take off your shoes if you want to sit in there. I had the 肉ふくもり - the niku fukumori, a tsukemen-style dish with chashu chunks in a pork/fish blend that was heavily biased towards fish and was slightly kotteri (thick/rich). The handmade noodles here were very good, (if a bit slippery), quite thick and were rectangular in cross-section. Due to the way the noodles are made and cooked, there can be a 10 minute wait or more to be served after you sit down, a small card on the table explains his. The portion size was also quite good, with a decent amount of chashu and some kamaboku in the broth. They also have an interesting menma side dish that you can order, menma topped with what looks like buta hiki niku (ground pork) and onions, that looked good on the table next to me. The shop was extremely busy and I'm not surprised since this taste was really good. Just down the street from Fukumori is the famous Setagaya ramen shop also. FWIW there are buses that come up this street from Meguro-dori also I believe.

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