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Kohmen has always been one of my long-time favorite chains, for the quality of its pork, broth and noodles. I've been to several branches in Tokyo including Kabukicho, Akihabara (Yodobashi Camera) and Ebisu. I see it as a direct competitor (in the tsukemen area) to Kookai, also another excellent chain. The Ebisu branch of Kohmen is smaller on the first floor than many other ramen shops (a long chain of counter seats) but they have an interesting second floor, it consists of rows of seats set up stadium-style in front of a 60" plasma television showing commercials and movie trailers for American movies (dubbed in Japanese). Never a missed opportunity for marketing here... There is always a fair wait here around lunch time. I had the 全部のせ つけ麺 with extra chashu (charcoal-grilled pork). You can also get (as a "side", not a topping) the 炭火梅塩豚トロ - charcoal-grilled plum+salt favored toroniku, this is really fatty but really good. For the tsukemen, the noodles are more like linguine or fettucine in consistency and size. Like all branches, this place gives you a decent-size glass of water with ice, and plenty of it. Definitely recommended that you stop into some Kohmen branch and give it a try. There's also one in Harajuku.

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