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Ramen Kino is about 5 mins walk southwest from Ookayama Station on the Tokyu Meguro and Tokyu Oimachi lines. It's a small shop with 8 seats at a counter and two very small tables for two. Again this is a very good shop that serves excellent Jiro-like ramen and tsukemen dishes. You can come here and get practically the same exact taste of Ramen Jiro without having to wait on line for 1/2 hour or more at a real Ramen Jiro, not that I have anything against doing that though. There were a couple of free seats in the place when I stopped by, early on a Sunday afternoon. They also have miso-based dishes and a smaller ramen dish, for children I guess. I ordered the shouyu tonkotsu tsukemen with extra chashu and I am pleased to say that this shop comes as close to the true Ramen Jiro taste as just about any other Jiro-like shop I have been to. I ordered "ninniku yasai mashi" which included a large helping of extra veggies as you can see from the picture, since I don't think I've been eating enough vegetables lately. The noodles were more yellow in color than many Ramen Jiro noodles are, but they were very springy and tasty and decently sized (I got the regular size dish, not the omori, it's the same price for more noodles I believe). The yasai were mostly moyashi but there was some cabbage in there, perhaps 80-20. The pork was very good, but thinner-sliced than most Ramen Jiros, but about the same fat/meat level. There were two more slices than you see in the picture, I put them into my soup bowl before I snapped the pic. A TV in the corner was showing various Japanese Sunday news programs. I can definitely recommend Ramen Kino.

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