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Kayu Santin/Meguro
謝朋殿 粥/目黒


Kayu Santin is a nice place to go in Meguro Atre for a quick and inexpensive Chinese noodle fix. In addition to noodles, this place has a few Chinese congee (= rice porridge) dishes on the menu, including ones with kaku ni pork or shrimp wontons. The Japanese word for porridge is "kayu" 粥. They also have several nice side dishes including a spicy onion and cucumber dish that we both enjoyed. The kaku ni noodle soup and porridge were both good, and omori portions are available. My wife especially enjoyed the cup of hot jasmine tea, which was freshly-brewed in front of us in a clear glass mug via some hot water and jasmine tea leaves. This chain is run by the same company that runs the Shahoden restaurants, another one of our favorites, of which there is also one in Atre 1 (5F).

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