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Continuing with the summer theme of tsukemen, Wadachi is a very small (but fairly roomy inside) shop, less than a minute's walk north from Shinsen station on the Keio Inokashira line out of Shibuya, Shinsen is the first stop to the west after leaving Shibuya station. Only 10 counter seats in the place arranged in a U-formation. The chashu tsukemen is 1100 yen but it is worth it IMO. The grilled chashu is definitely the real standout here, the slices in the picture were almost an inch thick and lightly grilled on both sides. Good meaty flavor and very little fat. The noodles were linguine-sized (perhaps a touch thinner) and were correctly done. Not much of a wait at 2 PM on a Saturday and very few people were getting anything other than the tsukemen. The noodle portion was also generously sized, no need to get the omori. The tsukemen shiru had additional small chunks of the same pork in it and a few menma strips, and was also a strong pork/fish combo, not sweet tasting at all. They also have a stamina ramen/tsukemen and a special dan-dan tsukemen that can be ordered in four levels of spiciness from normal to extremely spicy. I plan to try this on my next visit, which won't be far off.

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