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Ramen Jiro/SagamiHara


I don't really understand or remember why I stood in the 35C-degree heat (95F) and summer sun for almost 45 minutes to get into the Sagamihara Ramen Jiro but I did it anyway. This was Ramen Jiro #23, four or five left to visit. SagamiHara is a medium-sized town just past Machida on the Odakyu-sen, the actual station name is SagamiOno and the actual Ramen Jiro shop is referred to as SagamiOno Eki-Mae. I was looking forward to this one since this is another one of the few Ramen Jiro branches that offers tsukemen, very important when it's 35C degrees and 80% humidity outside. Fortunately they had a small air conditioner inside, I lucked out and was three seats away from it. They also had an interesting variation on the "post your meishi on the wall" thing that a few Ramen Jiro branches have (e.g. Ikebukero), this shop actually has a large map on the wall and I believe that you can put a colored pushpin in to represent the location that you are from.

The pork slices had a *lot* of fat on them, probably close to 50%. The meat that was there was very good though. They have 2-slice and 5-slice tickets. The default amount of yasai (veggies) was a bit skimpy but I guess I could have asked for more. Roughly evenly balanced between moyashi and cabbage. As for the soup, regular Jiro taste, no surprises there. The noodles were a bit on the thin side but there was a generous portion of them. Ramen Jiro Information Page
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