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Tenkaippin is definitely one of my favorite chain ramen shops. It also has a few fanclub sites (not nearly as many as Ramen Jiro though). The thick broth is best enjoyed in winter, but I still go there in summer occasionally as they do have cold noodle specials from time to time. Tenkaippin is actually chicken bone/collagen-based ramen and it's a very different flavor and consistency than other ramen shops on this site. It's a very "kotteri" (こってり) or thick ramen, the broth is almost like a sauce or gravy in its consistency. To me it also has a *slightly* gritty taste, you can taste some texture in the liquid. (They also have a more mainstream shoyu "assari" (あっさり) broth also that no one ever seems to order). Stopped into the Tenkaippin near JR Ebisu station today, they had various Japanese reggae songs playing. This branch has dual counters on the ground floor, and tables for 2 or 4 on the second floor. At times the second floor will be closed though. The "service setto", consisting of the kotteri ramen, 5 tiny gyozas and a small chahan (fried rice) is a good deal, almost as good as Ippudo's lunch special, which is slightly cheaper and comes with unlimited white rice and veggies.

I recommend that you try a Tenkaippin branch, but probably not as your first and definitely not as your only ramen experience in Tokyo...

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