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Ronya/Shinjuku Gyoenmae


This tiny unassuming little place admittedly doesn't look like much from the outside. When you walk in, you suddenly get the feeling that you have accidentally stumbled into someone's cramped living room/kitchen. There's paneling on the walls, a bunch of strange artwork, a Disney poster and a manga magazine collection shelf. "Cozy" would be an appropriate word. The oyaji was very attentive and helpful, walking around to fill my water glass no less than four times even though there was a picture right next to me. So I had the futsu (regular) tsukemen. The noodles and veggies were decent but average. It included some spinach-like greens that are uncommon for tsukemen. The only other place that I know of that includes them is Kookai. The tsukemen set comes with nori sheets and a flavored mostly-hard-boiled-egg. However the chef did do a nice job with the tsukemen broth, a rich taste, very flavorful and heavy on the negi. The meal was reasonably priced too at 750 yen. Beer and sake are also available. If you want to eat in an offbeat little place and you are in the Gyoenmae area you might want to give it a try.

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