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Yoshu Shonin/Meguro


The Meguro Yoshu Shonin is down the hill going west away from JR Meguro Station, past a row of several other ramen shops. There are two branches of Meguro Dori that converge down at the bottom of the hill. there's sort of a mini-ramen mecca in that triangular area, between 10-15 shops last time I counted.

Yoshu Shonin is one of the best low/medium-priced Chinese restaurants in Tokyo IMO. There are a large number of branches and the food is consistently good between all of them. It has a really varied and interesting menu (with big pictures so you can just point if worse comes to worse), the service is very speedy, and the prices and portions are reasonable. I've been to four of them within Tokyo, and they typically are just a counter plus a few 2 and 4-seat tables, so unless any given shop has special arrangements, you won't be able to bring a big crew here. The Meguro branch has no tables at all, just a counter.

My favorite dish is the suratanmen - if you live in or have been to the US and have ever had "hot and sour" soup from a Chinese restaurant there? If so, Yoshu Shonin's version of that called "suratanmen" or "sanratanmen" (スーラータンメン or サンラータンメン) will blow your mind, it has thin ramen noodles in it and it's the best I've ever had, really really spicy and peppery, I almost guarantee you will be sweating at the end of the bowl. The above picture is of the house chahan which is also very good.

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