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Ramen Tai/Meguro Mita


Ramen Dai is a well-hidden shop in Mita Meguro-ku that does not appear on very many blogs or food sites. In fact I could only find it on Tabelog. It's well-hidden in a residential area (on the ground floor of someone's house, actually) about 10 minutes from Ebisu Garden Place. They serve Hakata Kumamoto ramen, similar to the Keika chain. They have a good selection of lunch sets (one of the menus says Set A, Set B, Set C, any of them in a good choice). The inside space is one table and a counter for 9 or 10, but it is air-con'ed. Outside there are two tables which are nice in the spring and fall but not so nice in the summer and winter. The ramen broth is very garlicky, the noodles are the thinner type (you can ask for katame). The chahan is also good too, you can get that in a set if you wish. Not a lot of chashu in the bowl for the lunch sets, you can also order a chashu-don (pork on rice) as a side order, you can see that in the corner of the photograph above.

If you're staying at Ebisu Garden Place and you really want to go to a ramen shop in that area that is off the beaten path and chances are no one you know has been to, this is a good choice. Also don't get the Mita (Meguro-ku) area around Ebisu Garden Place mixed up with the Mita area in Minato-ku, they are two separate Mitas.

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