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Ramen Tamaru/Shimo Meguro

Tamaru is a very small shop on the left side down the hill going west on Meguro Dori from Meguro Station in Shinagawa-ku, right where the two branches of Meguro Dori come back together. Rather cozy inside. Bright yellow awning, hard to miss. The broth is very well strained, fairly rich. The cook goes through a lot of motions with the various strainers etc. The veggies are almost all cabbage, well-cooked until they were very soft. The men are just a shade thinner than spaghetti and they were not katame at all. The pork is just thin (1/4") slices of chashu, not grilled, in fact it was cold the last time I went, as though it had just been taken out of the fridge. All in all not bad. In spite of all of the yellow outside and the general makeup of the ramen, I still hesitate to call this one Jiro-like though.

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