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Ramen Kazuki/Ebisu-Nishi

Ramen Kazuki is close to Ebisu station, on Komazawa Dori, so it is convenient for people staying in that area. I've actually never had the ramen there, only the tsukemen. They make the men perfectly firm and katame, but the buta is very thin slices, a bit fatty. The miso karai dipping sauce is a bit spicy, I would recommend the shoyu version and then put some of the slicy to-ban-jan red bean paste they give you in it if you want to jazz it up a bit. Some ramen shops, including Kazuki, offer different size of noodles for the tsukemen at the same price. Typically they will put the sizes in grams (something like "150g 小 - 300g 中 - 400g 大") on the menu, and they are all the same price. Mot all places do this though. Definitely a good bowl. Noodles were cooked perfectly. Very good quick service, the guy in white in front of the seats will show you to a chair , most places don't do that. Not a lingering place.

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