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Ramen Jiro/Matsudo


Jiro #21. In taste and style overall, this one was very somewhat similar to Jiro Meguro, but the shou (小) portion was a bit bigger, since the bowl itself was bigger than most shou's, roughly the same bowl size as Takadanobaba. The broth was perfect, basic simple Jiro taste, 1/16" layer of oil on top. The veggies were mostly moyashi rather than cabbage. The buta pieces were quite large in cross section, and thick too, and the base shou comes with two of them. The "buta single" ticket (actually a white plastic chip) gives 5, and the "buta double" W ticket gives 8. I can't imagine anyone being able to eat 8 of these so I recommend you don't get this one. Relatively clean store and there is a little brick ledge you can sit on outside while waiting. The noodles were a bit on the thin side, remember this since thinner noodles cook quicker and won't be as katame even if you ask for it, and it can frequently mean more of them, since they pack into the bowl better. Very nice overall. Granted it's a long trip here from the center of the loop (almost 20 mins west from JR Nishi Nippori station via the Joban-sen Rapid), so this one might be good if you are in the area. Ramen Jiro Information Page
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