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Keika Ramen/Shinjuku


Keika is one of the older ramen chains in Japan. They have 11 branches (5 in Kumamoto prefecture, 6 in Tokyo and 1 in Yokohama). It serves up a good Kumamoto-style tonkotsu ramen with a strong rich broth and good sesame/garlic flavor. Kumamoto is the one of the prefectures in the Kyushu region and it is constantly compared with the Hakata tonkotsu ramen that the region is also well-known for. In keeping with my usual summer style I had the shio tsukemen, which was recently added to the menu at Keika. It has a broth that is creamier/fattier than most shio broths and a bit stronger taste IMO. Unlike the Ramen Road reviewer linked below, I found the noodles to be on the thin side and not "firm" at all, just average. However you could ask for them to be katame. There was some cabbage in the broth, and there's a large jar of pickled cabbage + other veggies at each table/counter so you can snack on that before the ramen comes. No spoons though. I've eaten at both the Shibuya and Shinjuku Keika branches, they are basically the same, the Shinjuku one was a bit more cramped if that matters. Very tasty.

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