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Kanda Ramen Waizu/Kanda
神田ラーメン わいず/神田


This place had the longest line at lunch time in the Kanda station area of any place by far during this trip. I went with K-san and F-san. It's a couple of doors down from the niku soba place mentioned in another post upcoming, and right next to another one that had absolutely no one in it at lunch time, never a good sign. The darker tonkotsu broth was very rich and complex, with a couple of good pieces of pork. They must use a special type of pig parts and spices, it had a slightly smoky/salty/grittier taste to it. Very cramped inside. Abura was well-distributed throughout the broth. They have a special "no smell" niniku on the counter which almost had no taste either, in addition to the regular niniku. Expensive at 900 yen but worth it, this has to be the best place in the Kanda station area hands down.

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