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Wow, really good shiru-nashi dan dan men. There was a line forming even before it opened at 11 AM - like an idiot I get there at 11 thinking there won't be anyone there, it's a dan dan men place in ....mata cho. Fairly close to Iwamotocho station on the Toei Shinjuku line and the hotel I now stay at (Comfort Hotel Kanda Tokyo). Basically two dishes available, dan dan men shiru-nashi (with ground pork, dan-dan flavored abura and some nuts, I got that one) and dan dan men shiru-ari, the diners that I saw were about split between the two. This was a really well-balanced set of flavors of the szechuan pepper vs. the oil and nuts and salt. Comes with a side of mapo tofu if you get the set. Stongly recommended if you can take the heat and you are in the area, easy walk from Akihabara or Kanda.

The third picture is of the tan tan abura men and su-ra abura men pages in the menu at Youshu Shonin in Shimbashi.

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