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Yoshu Shonin/Shinbashi


Updated review Nov 23 2014 - they also now have a Premium Suratanmen, at least at the Shimbashi branch (again with either thick or thin noodles) that was excellent:

A novel concept at a chain ramen shop that is known for constantly bringing out new products: Yoshu Shonin's Su-Ra-Abura-Men. This take on both suratanmen and abura soba together is creative and tasty - it has a very vinegary and peppery taste, just like the regular suratanmen that Yoshu Shonin is rightly famous for and that several people including this page have reviewed in the past. They actually started selling this last July but I just got around to trying it recently. The regular suratanmen is a good balance of the various flavors (necessary for this type of dish), and the su-ra-abura-men tastes just like the full soup dish only with the broth removed, and therefore a even a bit stronger of a taste. The pork is a bit on the scanty side, but the onions and menmas are there in full force. However the more novel (and in my mind most important) addition is that you can now choose whether you want the regular straight thin noodles (like the suratanmen) or now (as with several other Yoshu Shonin dishes) whether you want the new toshomen (刀削麺, thick hand-cut noodles). The variety of the dishes that Yoshu Shonin has means that you can actually treat a visit here like a trip to a real restaurant, have several dishes to share (I also recommend the black vinegar chahan, 黒酢炒飯) and make a real meal out of it. The Shimbashi branch has a couple of tables, but not all branches do.

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