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Rai Rai Ramen/North Brunswick, NJ

Have a bunch of outside-the-US European reviews to post, but here is some info on an inside-the-US shop not too far from where we now live in in NJ. Many restaurants in this area of NJ will be small shops in "strip-mall" or "mini-mall" style buildings. Also this area has a (relatively) high population of Chinese (mainland, Taiwan, HK, etc.) and Korean residents (among other backgrounds). Rai Rai Ramen is a small shop which has a bit of Taiwanese bent and has mostly noodle dishes.

For outside Japan and outside NY or LA there Hakata-style is good. The proprietor will ask you whether you want "generation 1" or "generation 2" when you ask for the Hakata ramen - be sure to ask for the "generation 2" as that is the more fatty and creamy one. My recommendation to the shop would be to make the Hakata ramen a true Hakata experience and substitute somen-style wheat noodles for the plain generic curly noodles. Also put out fresh garlic, beni-shoga and a sesame seed grinder.

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