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Chotto hisashiburi dessho ka. Although I have not posted very frequently since leaving Japan, I stil keep in touch occasionally with my former ramen comrades in and outside of work. WHen they send me notable ramen information, I will post it as appropriate.

Although easy to understand visually, this use of the "kamakura" compound is a very odd kanji compound that does not appear right away in many dictionaries. It is not the same as the town of the same name (the one with the Big Buddha).

This article is about the newly-opened (April 2012) branch of Kamakura ramen. This is one of a chain of about 25 branches, most of which are in the Osaka area. On the same back street to the west of Ebisu Station, the back street that has the Keijyo yakuniku place, and my former favorite discount barbershop on the corner (above the "Curry and Food Bar"), you will find Kamakura. The word from my intrepid coworkers is that while it has a varied menu, it was nothing special. It was good, but did not make a deep impression on them. Pictures are courtesy of them.

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