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麺創房 玄/五反田


Genizm appears to be a sort of shoyu ramen place trying to become a chain. They had two branches at one point, one in Shinjuku 3-chome which is now closed, one in Gotanda. This Gotanda branch is the honten. Possibly also one in Saitama also (which is closed too) but not sure. Their web page as listed on Tabelog is not functional at the moment. At the branch in Gotanda, the single staff member looked at me funny when I entered, and acted a bit suprised to see me, not sure whether it was a foriegner thing or not. There weren't many people in the place so perhaps this is his attitude all the time. The chashu pork was quite tender, fatty and generously proportioned. The noodles and broth were average and the broth was a bit watery. Both ramen and tsukemen are available. The sign outside indicated that 200g, 300g or 400g portions are all available for the same price.

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