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Suzu ("bell", すず, 鈴) is located in Ebisu, off Komazawa Dori, around the corner from the KFC, across from the station. It's near the little tiny shrine where the managers from the Sapporo headquarters at Ebisu Garden Place come to pray every year for good business the following year. They have a very limited menu on the ticket machine, from which specifically I had the shiro-dashi, the white button in the upper left (see pics below). The counter is low and the kitchen is small - this place is an excellent way to see the entire behind-the-counter basic operation of a ramen shop. The soup is made from an Aomori-ken "shamo" - a special type of game fowl. The noodles were good but the rest of the dish was nothing special, for the price. It also includes fish, scallops etc. The pork comes from Aomori-ken. Decent.

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