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Sichuan Dou Hua/Marunouchi


High end Szechwan cuisine and prices to match, at least at dinner, in good old (new?) Shin Marubiru. The service lunch is 1500 yen, I chose the large bowl of suratanmen but they also have mapo tofu etc. which is good. The 8-treasure tea is interesting with the guy in the yellow Chinese jumpsuit running around and the long spout pitcher but I could have taken it or left it. The guy does this crazy pouring thing with a long pot. Free refills since he just adds more hot water to the cup. In any case somewhat tomatoe-y taste, with large chunks of tomato. My favorite suratanmen places have large chunks of tofu, egg and pork in the broth, this wasn't that. A nice effort but not worth the trip just for lunch - I have yet to try it for dinner, I have higher expectations there but it will be pricy.

If you want good quality Szechuan food (including my favorite gong bao ji ding or "kung pao chicken", which is hard to find at Chinese restaurants in Tokyo) at about 1/3 the price: 知音食堂

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