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At Shinatetsu in Nakanobu (Tokyu Oimachi Line, Ebaramachi Station), not to be confused with Shinatatsu in Shinagawa, what looks like a husband and wife team work together to create good quality shoyu-blend ramen. They opened in March of 2010. There is no ticket machine so you order at the counter. It was a bit hot inside and narrow, so push your seat all the way in. They have a special dan-dan men this month that I did not try. Crowded at lunch time but no line. Their chashu pork consisted of good juicy cuts that were well-grilled, in a nice clear broth. However the amount of noodles coud have been bigger. The wonton chashu men is also worth a try. It's next to a small but interesting shoten gai. Good but not spectacular. Closed Mondays.

Restaurant Columbo is also highly recommended in Ebaramachi, but you typically need to call ahead for a table.

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