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Menba Fuuten/Oimachi
麺場 風天/大井町


The first picture above is our brand-spankin'-new safety gates on the platform at JR Meguro Station (Ebisu has them too now IIRC). How lovely. I guess it will help to keep accidents from happening, but not the "human accidents" (人身事故, which are usually but not always very determined jumpers who have had enough of this vale of tears). The second is a cleverly-labeled bag I saw once I got on. Poor Doug, I hope at least he has a happy life.

Fuuten is decent but uninspired Tokyo tonkotsu and tonkotsu gyokai near JR Oimachi Station. On the same street as a few other non-descript ramen places (but the opposite direction), the street that takes you to our friendly Shinagawa Ward Office (which has a really nice bunch of people working there by the way). Very hot inside the ramen shop for an early fall weekday. High counters make it difficult to see what's going on under the hood. Very simple menu on the machine, few choices. Generous amount of pork makes up for it, generous even for chashu-men. Noodles scarce though, however omori or tokumori are available for 100 yen more. Niboshi shio soba also on the menu but I did not partake. In any case there's better in the area.

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