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Keisuke RokuDaiMe/Yushima
けいすけ 六代目/湯島


Down Kasuga Dori going east from the famous Daiki and (the former Poppoya), is Keisuke Takeda's latest shop Keisuke RokuDaime. This shop opened on Oct 1 and your intrepid ramen reporters are of course there just a few days later to check it out. Line of about 10 people on a Saturday morning. Like most Keisuke shops, this place (his 6th) specializes in one specific style or dish of ramen. In this shop's case, it's thick linguine-style tsukemen noodles covered with a healthy portion of pork shavings and onions stewed together with a light brown sauce. Very hearty and satisfying, like his previous shop Niku Soba Keisuke in Sumiyoshi. Accompanying it is a seriously salty dipping sauce, extremely different from regular tsukemen broths, this is almost like a thick inky black soy sauce. Keisuke Takeda was there overseeing operations during the first few days and he actually served me himself, however I decided to be polite and not ask for a picture since he was clearly busy.

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