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Mensoken Kanade Kurenai/Fuchu
麺創研かなで 紅/府中


This is the first miso ramen place that has our "Recommended" rating in a long time, if ever. Small shop with 8 seats only, less than 2 minutes walk from Keio Fuchu Station on the Keio Line, down at the end of a small alley past the Mos Burger, almost directly across from the station. I wasn't able to find a direct translation of the "soken" compound (創研) in the couple of dictionaries that I looked at, but I am guessing that it means "creation of improvement" or something similarly deep (but nonsensical at the same time.) The "kurenai" (紅) means deep red and is also the "kou" in "koucha" (the tea). Line of only 5 people when I arrived but it was hot out. Small bench in front. Napkins but no tissues. Spoons and water. The ticket machine was having some problems and one of the customers had to ask the guy to open it up and give him his tickets. I recommend the Kurenai ramen (紅ラーメン) for 790 yen with extra pork (豚肉増し), for an extra 300 yen. Not a big menu here, they also have regular miso broth (no spice) and super spicy. The miso broth is quite rich, which is bolstered by the additional spicy miso that is stuck to the side of the bowl, and the ra-yu that is also added. But the real star here is the noodles. Custom made, they are like toushomen noodles but also more squiggly and thick. Very generous portion, which is good since there are no omori options on the machine. They are the perfect compliment to the shaved pork that makes up the buta part of the dish. Their combined texture along with the spicy but not too spicy both was excellent.

Also thank God they looked at the noodles, then looked at standard plastic chopsticks, and said "OK, well that won't work". The chopsticks have grooved rings on the pointy end to better hold the noodles, much like treads on snow tires.

Across the alley is the more conventional Mensoken Kanade, with various other ramen flavors including shio etc. That's the last picture above, the first is Kurenai. This place has a relatively low ranking on Supleks but I am sure it will improve.

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