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Fairly highly ranked (64) on Supleks. Chicken/fish mixture. Fairly rich, with good pork. Noodles good too. Opened in Feb 2010 in a little backwater area of Ningyocho. Very clean and nice new interior with a cho-genki attendant at the front who helps you out and goes out to check every few minutes to see if anyone's coming. Not crowded at all, but good shops take a long time to develop a following. Easy-to-read menu for the kanji-challenged. They also have shio and miso variations that I would not bother with. A nice yuzu sherbet desert too. Closed Sundays. This one has real potential.

This place is also not too far from one of the few tabehodai branches of Salvatore Cuomo Pizza. For 1450 yen you get quite a spread here also:

There are a number of interesting omiyage shops in Ningyocho too. Worth part of a day for foodie visitors - don't forget about the famous oyakodon shop Tamahide.

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