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A new shop located on Komazawa Dori, near the Starbucks and umpteen horumon places near Ebisu Station. Same general shop layout, machine and advertisement format as Mita Seimen Sho down the street to the west, leading me to think that possibly the two shops are related, although I have no direct evidence of that. Opened in February and gave special discounts for the first week or so. Medium-thickness tonkotsu ramen with just a bit of shoyu in it. Volume good. Broth was so-so. The noodles were like spaghetti, slightly translucent and extremely straight, all sticking together in parallel as they come up from the bowl. The Pork was cold-cut, relatively little fat, but unspectacular. Interesting and maybe adds another tonkotsu place to the Ebisu ramen scene but not worth a special trip.

Update 2013-06-08 - Tairyuken has a new Jiro-like "stamina dish" that comes with free rice if you want it. Initial indications from the team is that it is ma-ma...

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