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A relatively high ranking on Supleks for this one, seems unduly high to me. This place is in the basement of the restaurant building directly across from the west exit of JR Meguro Station. Go up the steps to the right of the Yoshinoya and then turn in on the left, going down the stairs to the 1st floor instead of up them to the 2nd. This place is almost directly under one of the better but less well-known Indian/Nepalese places in the area (IMO), Laxmi. Goriramen, in addition to clever portmanteau construction, specializes in one thing - miso ramen. Now I am not a big fan of miso ramen and generally avoid it. However I could not let this place that just opened up near my workplace go by without some sort of review. A bit warm inside, they need to turn on the A/C a bit. Really the broth tasted like miso mixed with chicken broth 5 minutes before we walked in the door. Some pork fat artifacts floating too and fro. Generous veggies, mostly moyashi. I do not have as much experience tasting miso ramen so I welcome constructive criticism here. Noodles were the star of the show, very thin and hand made. The pork was thinly-shaved pork that could just as well have come from the Yoshinoya on the street upstairs. Nothing special there at all. No tsukemen, no other special dishes of note. No lunch on Sundays.

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