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Menya Akatsuki/Komagome
麺や あかつき/駒込


It's good to see shops with female employees in a predominantly male-dominated field of employment. It's even better to see them with women owners. Menya Akatsuki in Komagome opened in December of 2009 and it has a single woman as the owner and employee. It's a bit out of the way at the top of the loop but worth it, it's in the first floor of an apartment/office-like building. They make a very Jiro-like bowl, including both ramen and abura-soba versions. Very simple menu. They claim that their extra-thick noodles (and they are very thick actually) are house-made with kansui (Google it) from Inner Mongolia. The pork was very good as were the noodles. The soup was very clear with very little suspended fat. No line but very crowded. Self service water. Standard Jiro-like set of toppings.

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