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Tsukemen Nakamura/Shinsen
つけ麺 なかむら/神泉


Not a lot to see here - was drawn to this place due to the thick noodles in the Saito link below, which are no longer available. Based on the size of the place, the big open doors, the length of the counter, the location (really more Dogenzaka), and the fact that the machine has a wide range of selections of broths, the hours etc. I would say this is a "after clubbing in Shibuya place", that wants to pack in lots of half-drunk fully-starved people and as such has to appeal to a wide range of tastes. Places like that then tend to do everything decently but nothing especially well, and this appears to be no exception. The one thing I will say is that the noodles were really chewy. The shoyu tsukemen broth was "cloyingly sweet" as they say. Barely worth the climb up the hill from the main drag.

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