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Rokurinsha in the Supermarket?

Update - The Rokurinsha nama packages can be found at Life and Queen's Isetan so far. Tried it. Suffice it to say that I wasn't crazy about the Rokurinsha overall. The broth package, even with the powder put in, didn't taste significantly different from other shoyu nama ramens at the supermarket. Here are some pictures, I actually enjoyed the Mazesoba better, the Mazesoba was't that different from Junk Garage or similar, and it was even available at the Family Mart.

Million-dollar idea: the Junk Garage people should put their sauce in a bottle and sell it....


The famed Rokurinsha in Oosaki has apparently Sold Out to The Man:

This information was also spotted on the inside cover of the March issue (3月号) of RamenBank magazine:

which available for free in select ramen shops now but the PDF has not been posted to the RamenBank site yet.

If anyone sees it for sale in stores in Tokyo please email us with the store name and location and we will post it and credit you.