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Sujita is a chain of 3 shops in Tokyo (also in Iidabashi and Ochanomizu). Line of about 10 people outside. They make a very good tonkotsu gyokai (yes another one, seems like they are all the rage for a year or two now). Their gimmick is a special green yuzu-like fruit called a sudachi. Their special instructions say to mix the sudachi and the shichimi together (actually on top of the noodles, not the broth, according to the staff, they corrected me). There's a very limited menu on the ticket machine, not large at all, and they have no way of ordering chashu topping, just menma and nori. The portion was decent and the wait staff was extremely friendly, asking me where I was from and showing me the correct way to mix the ingredients together. My only recommendation (other than a bigger store), would be a a bit more chashu in the bowl. A picture of the proper mixing procedure is above.

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