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Shinka probably has the best ramen broth I have ever had - not counting Jiro. An extremely good balance of salt, fat, pork flavor, texture, richness. The garlic spoon was kind of chintsy but that's a minor point. The writing on the outside of store and the sign is rather hard to read. The noodles were average (but home made) and the pork was decent too - decent thickness but not grilled - good portion too. The broth had lots of chopped onions. It was 2 PM on a half/day Monday when I went and I got to walk through the slightly seedy part of Kamata, with coin lockers right next to hostess bars and love hotels. Kamata, which you can get to on either the JR Keihin Tohoku sen or the Tokyu Ikegami sen, is one of those ramen "paradises" (many shops relatively close together) that is not-so-well-known to outsiders and tourists who concentrate mostly on places like Shinjuku, Ebisu and Takadanobaba. Kamata has a few stars within reasonable walking distance of the station - as for Supleks they have 4 60+ places and 6 50+ places including Zoot, this place and a branch of Ramen Dai.

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