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Higashi Kanda Ramen/NishiOshima


This is a very small place with only one person working the store on a Saturday, only 8 or 9 stools at a single counter, and no tables. As it was cold that day everyone else waiting on line was standing inside the place - the layout and character of the inside of the store reminded me of Benten. The TV in the corner blaring out some documentary and a number of ramen magazines and reviews of the shop are on the bookshelves near the door. Interesting mix of people - construction workers, a set of 4 people (two middle-aged couples) and two fairly elderly ladies all slurping at the counter. A fairly decent score of 47 on Supleks (the shop's home page link on the supleks page appears to be dead). In any case I had the chashu tsukemen - a very rich dark broth, somewhat thick, with medium thickness noodles. Quite salty. Chashu was about matchbook thickness but had been grilled well - no complaints there. This place is a little bit out of the way in NishiOjima (take the Toei Shinjuku-sen). The single guy was really hustling behind the counter. A special limited-time limited-number of spicy korean tsukemens were available each day at the time I went. Check the signs next to the ticket machine to see if there is some other special.

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