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Ganso Sapporo-ya/Hiroo


This Sapporo-ya is a small place with counter and 5-6 tables and isn't much to look at from either the inside or the outside but the food is better than the decor suggests. They actually have a large menu, somewhat more of a Chinese place with various chahans and ramens, including miso and kimchi. The Hiroo area, as a major gaijin enclave in Tokyo, has very few ramen shops and none that are really note worthy after Kazuki and Marutomi. There was very friendly quick service, a couple of other gaijins in the place - they have an English menu (with significantly fewer items on it of course), but don't appear to speak any English. They have a special tsukemen claiming to look and taste like a tonkotsu gyoukai, and it was decent but not really special, just a shoyu with some fish taste in it. They have decent pork and a generous amount. The noodles were garden variety. Not much atmosphere but very quick service. If you are in the Hiroo neighborhood and need some noodles and pork and broth, this will suffice.

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