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This darts bar in Ebisu is now newly offering a special toshoumen. Not clear why a place like this would be offering this, especially when there's a Chinmar-ya practically around the corner. This place is down the street from Teras, a place that serves an excellent Indonesian bibimbap-like rice and egg dish in a bowl. This toshoumen was kind of watery, and the chashu tasted like it was from the supermarket. On the plus side they do have omori sizes though. This place has a 580 yen toshoumen special through the end of Feb, with a large omori portion for another 200 yen. Not many people in the place at 12:30 on a Monday. Funnily enough, the proprietor saw us examining the menu at the bottom of the stairs and came out to convince us to come in. A large amount of fresh garlic and cabbetsu in the middle of the bowl so there was a slight Jiro vibe going on there. They also have some regular teishokus including fried chicken etc., their menu is at the home page link below. Overall the portion was s bit small though, the omori was necessary to being it up to a regular size portion. Also this place is behind Kimukatsu, a tonkatsu place that receives rave reviews but I think is not significantly better than Saboten (and there's a another tonkatsu place right next to Kimkatsu also...

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