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DaiRyu (big dragon) is on Mita Dori, almost across from the giant "red ball" Hinomaru Driving School (check out the Google Maps link and turn on the aerial picture to see the giant red ball). It's a fairly old shop with a long counter made of very old wood and two tables in the back. The old ramen oyaji barks out orders to his wife and she responses with "hai" each time in perfect unison and respect. In between drags on his cigarette, which he balances carefully on the side of the stove, he rustled me up a shoyu ramen with two grilled pork pieces and average noodles and a fair amount of onions. Also a chahan, which had didn't have so much taste, so I added some of the pureed garlic from the little jar in the front. No tsukemen, but they have a hiyashi chuuka during the summer along with various lunch sets. Regular shoyu, just chicken broth with some shoyu added. Decent but not spectacular.

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