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The interior of Sataka is about as plain as you can get: white tile, fixed seats, formica countertops, that's it, nothing on the walls (there's a small kamidana directly above the ordering location if you look carefully). From the outside the building looks pretty plain too. Once you walk in, turn immediately to your right and order and pay, there is a very simple menu on the counter (pictures below). I had the chashu tsukemen. The dipping broth was very rich and salty with a medium-strength shoyu flavor and some chopped onions. No menma or anything else. A very "thin" lighter brown assari broth, almost like regular soup. However the amount of pork in the broth was not what I would have expected given the price that I paid (950 yen). Having said that, it was thinly cut but quite good. The noodles were a regular size portion, slightly thinner than linguine, perhaps 250g and were done OK but had nori on them. The place has a second floor. Overall decent but my pick in this area, less than 5 mins away, would be Hirugao. If you go and you want a lot of chashu then get the chashu ramen instead.

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