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Ryumon/Kami Osaki

Ryumon just opened in Kami Osaki, across from the West exit of JR Meguro Station. (The ads say it's the Meguro branch but the address is still Shinagawa-ku). It's located in the basement under a natural foods store (green sign). It's a bit cramped, don’t sit right near the door if you can as the automatic door keeps smacking into the table. There was a 30 minute wait for my wife and me on a Thursday night. The original hon ten of Ryumon is in Gotanda, a little bit northeast away from the station. Ryumon is supposed to specialize in hot Szechuan-style cuisine. We had several dishes, including stewed cabbage in crab sauce, shrimp in chili sauce (very good, way above average), a julienned/shaved potatoes dish, and a spicy beef ramen. While everything was very good, the portions were just too small for the price. We spent 7300 yen and we were still a bit hungry afterwards. Above is a picture of the spicy beef soup – this was really spicy and had a lot of spicy ra-yu oil on the top, the noodles were sort of plain though - but the bowl in the above picture was only 6-7 inches across at the top. I think a better bet for high-end Chinese in that area, 3 minutes walk away from Ryumon and JR Meguro station, would be Hong Kong En, near Tonki.

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