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Ramen Sabu Rou/Higashi Shinbashi


Sabu Rou opens at 12 noon - there were about 8 or 9 people in line already when it opened, it is located in the back of another store called Cafe Coho that has a crown-like sign on the front. Once you enter, oshiboris are on top of the ticket machine, take one along with your glass of water before you sit down. There was a generous portion of noodles and the veggies (almost all moyashis) are yours for the taking as much as you want. The broth has a fairly strong Jiro taste, but a bit watered down, and it tasted like a bit of pepper in it. They also provide a pitcher of hot weaker broth, probably regular broth mixed with noodle water. There are various signs on the wall indicating the proper way to order, along with a sign saying that if you ask for the extra veggie size, you have to pay 500 yen if you don't finish it. However they couldn't do the tsukemen noodles as katame for whatever reason, I have seen this before. The broths are available in miso or shoyu style and both of these can be requested in spicy versions. Noodles can also be requested in thicker or thinner widths.

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