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Furaikyu (small chain of three shops in Shinjuku, Shibuya and Omiya) has a decent "kotteri shoyu" broth, a regular shoyu broth with more richness and a bit more thickness. Unfortunately the main pork dish, the butsu-kiri-niki ramen, which has a large amount of thickly-cut pork in it, was sold out so I had to get the regular shoyu chashu men, which had only two slices - but they were very good and not very fatty. The noodles were very thin, especially for shoyu ramen, these were almost like somen or hakata tonkotsu noodles. The overall portion was a bit small but it did contain a large amount of freshly cut negis. No waiting. It's at the end (going northwest) of the T-street that Kuromon is on.

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